Project Updates

In this page, you will see the working update of your weekly activities and result of your site. You can see the total contents, total words, total back-links, present search result position, daily organic visitors, Google Search Console and Google Analytics Update. Our support team will collect the data in every week from you according to your last activities and all data will be updated here. As a result, you can see that who are working well in time and how his/her site is getting result from his/her work.

Look at the below parameters updated on upcoming Friday on regular basis. As a result, you will know that who are working well on time. This table has been shown for keep all of you warm and helps to feel the necessity of work daily:

  • PID: PID means Project ID. IT includes the registration date of your domain and other information.
  • TC: The number of total contents is on your website. Our expectation is to write more less 50-60 quality articles within 6-12 months.
  • TW: The number of total words is on your website. Our expectation is to cover more or less 100000 words withing 6-12 months.
  • TBL: It is the number of total back-links that you have created for your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose.
  • SRP: It is the result of SEO on Search Engine Result Page for creating back-links.
  • DOV: It is the daily organic visitors on your site. It is important to know the right time for Amazon Application. Our expectation is more or less 100 unique visitors per day.
  • GSCT: Google Search Console Tool implementation on your site.
  • GA: Google Analytics implementation.